Prairie Dog hunting with big towns on private land!
Wyoming prairie dog hunting
Wyoming prairie dog hunting
Wyoming prairie dog hunting
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Wyoming prairie dog hunting

Wyoming hunting lodge

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 Wyoming prairie dog hunting

Wyoming prairie dog huntingWe are offering prairie dog hunting to all our repeat clientele, and also taking another 10-15 new hunters--first come, first serve. If you've hunted with us in the past and would like to come on a hunt in 2011, please contact us and we can get you set up.



Our prairie dog hunting provides continuous shooting on private land where there will be thousands of prairie dogs that rarely see a hunter. The ranches where we hunt these prairie dogs are remote. So even though the drive might be a little farther, it is well worth the action you will experience.

We approach the edge of a prairie dog town and set up and shoot for an hour or two or until the prairie dogs start getting scarce, then we pull up and drive over the hill and continue prairie dog hunting. In some places, we can shoot all day from the same hill top without moving.

Perfect for practicing your long range shooting, prairie dog hunting allows you to shoot at different distances as often as you like. The farther out you shoot, the less likely the dogs are to know what's going on, so they will stand there and let you shoot at them until you hit them or get too close for comfort! The close shots might be the most fun, but after you get tired of the carnage, its also fun to try shots over 1,000 yards.

Wyoming prairie dog huntingWe have numerous 40-50 acre prairie dog towns and also 1000 acre plus prairie dog towns. The advantage of the smaller towns is that we can hunt from town to town so the prairie dog hunting remains diverse.

Your accommodations will be the Rockin' 7 log lodge with exquisite views of Glendo Lake and Laramie Peak. Portable shooting benches, sandbags, and guide are provided--along with the cold drinks.

We run a short season--May 15--July 15. This is the optimum time for maximum shooting, and also the best weather wise. Days are usually 70-90 degrees this time of year and occasionally a thunder storm in the afternoon

**New Combo option** We are now offering a dove hunt/prairie dog hunt in September. It will be the same price as our standard prairie dog hunt, but you can shoot your limit of Doves in the morning--15 doves, and then shoot prairie dogs the rest of the day (no limit on those!) Our dove season opens September 1 and runs through September 10, and we have them by the thousands during this time--not like Argentina, but still a lot of fun. You can buy the bird licenses over the counter, so throw in your shotgun along with your .223 and add some variety to the prairie dog hunt!


Wyoming prairie dog hunting

prairie dog hunting video

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that our trip couldn't have been better! On the hunts Shawn and Darrin treated Holly as if she were their own child and provided her with an outstanding experience. Joel and Dan also went out of their way to make us feel welcome and at home. It was a fantastic Father - Daughter experience that I will cherish the rest of my life. A big "Thank You" to everyone, because you are the ones that made it happen!" Dan W.

Mike and Tom with Velocity films getting footage for their upcoming video. This video features a segment on the Rockin' 7, click below to order the video, and see what we have to offer!

Prairie dog hunting video


We now have .223 ammunition for sale at the lodge!

We now carry Black Hills Ammo in 52 grain, Jacketed Hollow Points, in stock. Save the cost of shipping, and only buy what you need. Please email to reserve.

Prairie dog hunting ammo

Black Hills .223 Remanufactured Ammunition

Prairie dog hunting ammo 

Remanufactured--Velocity 3300 FPS/ Box of 50
52 Gr. Match Hollow Point---50/box---------------$30

Cabela's price (not including shipping)---------$40

Prairie dog hunting video

Prairie Dog Hunting Rates for 2012
2012 Rockin' 7 Ranch Guided Prairie Dog Hunting Rates - Includes lodging at the Rockin' 7 Ranch Lodge, all meals, and guide.
Prairie Dog Hunt #1 --- 1 days/2 nights--May 25--June 25, 2012 $565
Prairie Dog Hunt #2 --- 2 days/3 nights---May 25--June 25, 2012 $1,130
Prairie Dog Hunt #3 --- 3 days/4 nights---May 25--June 25, 2012 $1,695
Prairie Dog Hunt #4 --- 2 days/3 nights---Sept. 1--Sept. 10
Prairie dogs plus Doves


Above rates are per person based on DOUBLE occupancy.
Rates do not include transportation to Rockin' 7 Ranch, and gratuities. No licenses are needed.

Deposit Information

  • $150 non-refundable deposit required per hunter per day on all prairie dog hunts.
  • Balance due upon arrival.
  • Personal checks, Cashiers Checks, Cash, VISA and Master Card, and Discover accepted for deposits and final balance.
  • Rain Day--if a day of hunting gets rained out, we will refund 50% of the price of the hunt for that day ($283).

wyoming hunting lodge

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wyoming hunting lodge

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